LaShae Hypo Allegenic Adhesive 15ml (large bottle)


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Lash-Is are now stocking the LaShae Sensitive Adhesive Brand. Please read the following information: LaShae is a company specialising in products that bring beauty to your eyes. LaShae Eyelash Adhesive is the first of a line of products being developed with the Professional in mind. LaShae’s eyelash adhesive has a unique blend of ingredients that are the cornerstone to beautiful lashes. The adhesive is a non-burning, non-irritating and easy to remove adhesive. Utilizing the highest quality ingredients allows clients to experience their lashes with comfort and the confidence. Also, it gives professionals an ease of mind in knowing that they can service their clients with ease and comfort. LaShae has created a product that is meeting the market in a great transitional period as the demand and growth of lashes is taking off. There is no other adhesive in the marketplace that can be compared to LaShae, it has taken the American Eye Enhancement market by storm, and now has arrived in the UK. 140 APPLICATIONS PER BOTTLE POTENIAL EARNINGS PER BOTTLE BREAKDOWN: COST OF LASHAE PER BOTTLE £40.00 CHARGES PER APPLICATION 2 APPLICATION OF LASHAE @ £20.00 PER APPLICATION PAYS FOR BOTTLE LASH SET PRICE = POTENTIAL RETURN Ideal for Strips, semi single, flares and clusters. Details will be sent out with the adhesive. Please allow 2+ days for delivery.