3-Way Tattoo Removal Course

1 Day Course

2 x Assessment Days and Ongoing Workshops to fine tune your skill

Train with our Specialists Grace Kamber and Chrissy Henderson. Learn how to use our 3-Way Tattoo Removal Technique.

The course includes a kit and you will learn how to use these non-evasive, non-laser methods of removal on our 1 day course.

Most tattoos can be removed in around three to four treatments. You must have previous PMU, Micropigmentation or Tattoo Training of 6 months or more. All students must also complete blood borne pathogens test online.

Advantages of our 3-Way Method

  • Lower Cost – Less treatments makes removal more economical than other methods.
  • Fastest non surgical method – Less treatments also means faster removal.
  • Not Colour selective – All tattoo colours respond equally, Reds, Green, Blue
  • Less Scarring – The skin is still able to tan normally and hair growth remains unchanged.
  • Can be used to lighten tattoos for better cover-ups.

The tattoo remover is applied in a similar manner to having a tattoo or micropigmentation applied using the same equipment.

The tattoo extraction formula gets to work almost immediately drawing the original tattoo ink upwards through the skin. A crust containing the tattoo ink will form over the treated area, over the next couple of weeks as the skin heals it will push more of the unwanted ink out. The crust will start to naturally fall away taking that unwanted tattoo ink with it.

You will be required to complete mandatory units and our Tattoo Infection Control Course which should be completed at home and online.

3-Way Tattoo Removal Course

£1,299.00 + VAT


None laser technique using 3 methods of removal.  Price includes a basic machine