Actfast Adrenaline Controlled Topical Course

Utilising topical adrenaline, you can offer your clients a safe, legal method of client comfort during treatments. It constricts vascular activity and enables superior pigment retention. Once trained, you will be able to access the online pharmacy and order a private prescription for adrenaline, Emla and LMX creams for your clients, with full clinical oversight from the prescribers.

Courses are available to all Micropigmenation and Microblading technicians and can be booked at the same time as your course as an add on. There are 4 hours pre-study and 4 hours in the classroom with practical experience as well as first aid and CPR training. You will find that your treatments are quicker to perform and your client comfort is improved. You can get full insurance
and feel safe and confident that you are working within the law.

About Your Course


  • Learn all about topical adrenaline
  • First aid and anaphylaxis.
  • Skin Preparation
  • Health & Hygeine, waste disposal
  • Needle stick injuries.


  • General First Aid
  • CPR
  • Application – model provided

ActFast Adrenaline Controlled Topical Course

£299.00 + VAT