Combined Microlips And Microliner Manual Method

4 day course


Microliner is the latest Manual Technique using a hand-tool and selected needle variations to create a sharp or soft looking eyeliner.

Learn how to apply:

  • Eyelash Enhancement
  • Eyeliner
  • Latino Eyeliner
  • Winged Eyeliner

Use specially designed needles to create this unique look.


Microlips is a soft tap manual application creating a defined Lip Liner or Lip Blush technique. This is a very intensive course limited to a maximum of three participants per Tutor. Using our ‘Slide and Tap’ technique you will be able to create blended lip colour using our Brow Broidery Semi Cream Pigment blends.

Course Info & Requirements

Students must have Permanent makeup/Micropigmentation or equivalent as a prerequisite. With this course you have the opportunity to progress further as a Permanent cosmetic specialist. All students must also complete blood borne pathogens test online. Students will be required to complete independent study and a portfolio of 10 case studies within 3 months from Registration. Mandatory units must be completed along with portfolio of case studies, a written portfolio, assessment and examination.

This training course will enable you to become a certified permanent cosmetics specialist with this advanced manual technique.

This is a very intensive course limited to a maximum of 4 students per Tutor. By restricting the class size we can guarantee personalised attention and the highest quality of instruction.

Plus Brow Broidery

7 day course

You can also add Brow Broidery material to your microlips and microliner course to extend your course to 7 days.

The Brow Broidery material allows students to learn about the perfect designs for the eyebrow, colour understanding and techniques for Brow Broidery. The course is also directed at Permanent Makeup professionals who want to offer Brow Broidery.

Combined Brow Broidery, Microlips And Microliner Course

£2,999.00 + VAT