NVQ3 in Dermaplaning with LED Therapy

Dermaplaning is an effective exfoliating treatment in which a practitioner uses a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and peach fuzz on the face. It removes build up of dead skin and hairs can make the complexion appear dull, flaky and can cause breakouts due to clogged pores and hair follicles. Dermaplaning provides a healthy glow

The qualification is aimed at individuals who have an interest in the manual method of Dermaplaning for the face and neck, and for individuals who work within the beauty industry and want to expand their talents or upgrade their existing certification to a regulated certificate. Candidates learn about Health and Safety, Personal Protection, Consultation Techniques, Equipment, Dermaplaning, Facial treatment and LED Therapy and Aftercare

This course includes a kit.

Dermaplaning with LED Therapy

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