Microlips – Lip Tattoo Training  – Micropigmentation Manual Method

16 hours Pre-study, 2-day course with 2-day Assessment
2 x Assessment Days and Ongoing Workshops to fine tune your skill

Microlips is a soft tap manual application creating a defined Lip Liner or Lip Blush technique. This is a very intensive course limited to a maximum of three participants per Tutor. Using our ‘Slide and Tap’ technique you will be able to create blended lip colour using our Brow Broidery Semi Cream Pigment blends.

Students will be required to complete independent study and a portfolio of 10 case studies within 3 months from Registration. Mandatory units must be completed along with portfolio of case studies, a written portfolio, assessment and examination. All students must also complete blood borne pathogens test online.


Microlips – Micropigmentation Manual Method

£1,999.00 £1,599.00 + VAT


Microlips & Microliner course for £2500 + VAT