Elumi LED Glue


This specialised adhesive was specifically designed for the professional user. It is not intended for use with other systems. It is suitable for clients who have had previous reactions to standard adhesives during lash extension treatments. This adhesive emits almost no fumes, making it more comfortable for both the client and the technician. The adhesive will remain stable for hours, as long as it is not exposed to direct blue light. It is also resistant to oils, ensuring that the lash extensions stay securely in place. Once the LED light comes into contact with the adhesive, it immediately cures, allowing for faster and more efficient application. Additionally, this adhesive allows for immediate contact with water after application, minimising the delay in regular activities for the client.

Please note that as this is a hygiene product, only unopened products in their original, unopened condition and in their original packaging are eligible for a refund.

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