Lash-Is Premium Black Lashes 1g


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Use natural-looking Black lashes to enhance your clients eyes. Blend colours with black to add highlights to enhance skin tone. Lash-Is lashes are hand-made false lashes which are light and flexible with a fine sheen. The curl and length of the lashes are produced according to independent research and scientific results. Variety in curls and bright colours allow you to create unique attractive eyelashes and the lashes can be custom-made to the specification of the customer. J-Curl, Closest to the actual human eyelashes to create natural looking lashes B-Curl, Creates lashes as if curled with an eyelash curler C-Curl, Creates attractive lashes as if they have been permed D-Curl, To create doll-like lashes for special occasions The thickness of natural human eyelashes is 0.07 – 0.08mm. Generally the thickness most often used is: for Asian eyes: 0.10-0.15mm for Caucasian eyes: 0.15-0.20mm Please choose your preferred lash style, thickness and length before purchase.